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About us

Idea conception magazine of Witch's Magazine

The idea that this magazine is published, and under this name “Witch’s Magazine” I came from reading many untruths, presented through the press, which is mainly written about negative events, primarily from the fear of being attacked for “promotion” of something that is still in the region is seen as negative, and what strikes fear in the people of the term “Witch” given that most people do not know anything, or is what he knows misinterpreted, so therefore this term implies something evil or something perverse.

Little is actually known about witches, and about the thin line between myth and legend and what is actually happening throughout history. I think the people should know primarily from paganism (and outlines what it came from him) which is primarily the cradle of witchcraft, and which is also in the roots of our traditions, and that it is not a collection of crazy fanatics who are engaged in evil acts but were primarily devoted to Nature, harmony and love among the people, the beauty and spirituality.

The point of this magazine is not beautiful images even in promoting one’s name but in the name of “Witch’s Magazine, I experience more like a project than a newspaper, with whom I want people to explain and clarify many things, especially the connection of all religions, which is also a very responsible task, thus they have historically wrong attitudes led to hatred between nations and resulted in wars and tragedies. “Witch” as a term meaning “Craft woman”, then the person may engage in any form of spirituality and practice, and which connects a lot ,and on this occasion I have brought together people from different professional fields in the group on the Internet that works titled “Editorial Board Witch’s Magazine “, from different parts of the former EX-Yugoslavia, to contribute in spreading the Truth, from renowned historians and ethnologists, through Indian philosophy and practice, astrologers, occultists from our country and abroad, among which the Gnostics I have, to a person who can really call ourselves “witch”, koji su ovom Projektu prišli čista srca i sa puno entuzijazma, kako bi zajednički uneli svetlo na ovu temu koja je zaista širokog spektra, tako da imamo ustaljene rubrike u kojima se samo teme mogu razlikovati.

Witch Magazine comes out 8 times a year, on the eve of Feast.


Category's of Witch's Magazines
  • Sabati – In each issue goes the story of a Feast, with a detailed description of the holidays, legends related to her interests, what is being done on that day, the altar of its production and the like.
  • Interview – Just the really famous esotericists, more than our foreign (because it is the reality).
  • Tradition – a witch tradition then and now. In each edition description of one tradition.
  • History – Interesting stories and legends from the history of the origin and spread of witchcraft.
    It should be like in the first issue of the story of Salem, in the second or a following of Maleusu, the persecution of witches. Interesting stories and legends.
  • Pagani – Awakening paganism in the world and the preservation of tradition. Pagan organizations in Greece, for example, that worship old gods. In Lithuania, Latvia, with us, the Slavs …
  • Fashion – Witches on the film, details related to the witch’s fashion, debate on the subject, why today are acceptable and in any form of the previous time … Music and witchcraft.
  • View – Different shamanic and pagan traditions, with specific reference
  • Besides us – witchcraft today. News. Changes. For example, the recognition of Vike in the United States, the recognition of Druidic religion in England, and the like.
  • Portrait – The story of the person who is in these areas has made many.
  • Practice – Work with candles. With Tarot. How to clean the aura and the like, to recognize and protect yourself from the negative impact in general and of course … black magic herbs, the meaning and usage … .and the like.
  • Experience – personal experience. Domestic and foreign.
  • Recommendation – Recommendation journals for a book, music or film. According to the principle, if you have not read, heard or seen, we suggest or recommend.
  • Review – Review of books, music and film. Latest.
  • Showcase – Creative corner. Advertising, with what would have complete information texts (if the contact is then e mail or phone).
  • News – Short News and curiosities from occult / pagan / Vika world.
  • Regular column – not too long from some books published in each issue one share.
  • The story – Esoteric story.
  • Mysteries -In this section can be found descriptions of mystery, but also stories about interesting people and events.
  • Mythologies – A variety of mythologies, especially those less familiar


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email : redakcija@vesticjarevija.com

  • Editor in chief : Slavica Otović
  • Processing and graphic design magazine : Toma
  • Lector : Danijela Simić


A group of people from different traditions from the former EXYugoslavia formed

Free will under the slogan:

When nature wakes up, it will inevitably wake up our soul.

In front of us opens as the eternal source of life and whispers: Wake up,

and celebrate life with love and joy



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