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I came up with the idea of ​​publishing this review under the name “Witch Review” based on reading many untruths, presented in the press, where mostly negative events were written about, primarily out of fear of being attacked for “promoting” something that is still perceived as negative in these areas, and which instills fear in the people from the very term “witch”, considering that most people do not know anything, or what they do know is misinterpreted, so this term implies something evil or something perverted.

Little is actually known about witches, that is, about that thin line between myths and legends and what actually happened throughout history. I think that the people should first of all become familiar with paganism (and in short what everything came from it) which is above all the cradle of witchcraft and which is also at the roots of our customs, and that it is not a group of crazy fanatics who engage in evil actions but that they are primarily dedicated to Nature, harmony, love between people, beauty and spirituality.

The point of this review is not in beautiful pictures or in promoting someone’s name, but in the very name “Witch Review”, which I perceive more as a project than a magazine, with which I want to explain and clarify many things to the people, above all the connection of all religions, which is very responsible task, due to the fact that throughout history, wrong attitudes have led to hatred between peoples and resulted in wars and tragedies. “Witch” as a term means “Skillful woman”, i.e. a person who can engage in any form of spirituality and practice, and who connects a lot of things, and on this occasion I gathered expert people from different fields in a group on the Internet that works under the name “Editorial Witch Review”, from different parts of the former EX-YU, to give their contribution in spreading the Truth, from famous historians and ethnologists, through Indian philosophy and practice, astrologers, occultists from our country and abroad, gnostics including myself, to people who can really call themselves a “witch”, who approached this project with a pure heart and with a lot of enthusiasm, in order to jointly shed light on this topic, which is really wide-ranging, so that we have established sections in which only the topics can be distinguished.

The Witch Review is published 8 times a year, that is, on the eve of the Holidays.

Chief Editor
Slavica Otović

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