Categories and topics we cover

  • Sabbaths – In each issue there is a story about a holiday, with a detailed description of the holiday, legends related to it, interesting facts, what is done on that day, the altar and its construction, and the like.
  • Interview – Only with really famous esotericists, more foreign than ours (because that’s the reality).
  • Tradition – The witch tradition then and now. In each issue, a description of one tradition.
  • History –  Interesting stories and legends from the history of the origin and spread of witchcraft.
    It should be like in the first issue of the Salem stories, in the second or the next one about Malleus, about the witch hunt. Interesting stories and legends.
  • Pagans – The awakening of paganism in the world and the preservation of tradition. Pagan organizations in Greece, for example, that celebrate the old gods. In Lithuania, Latvia, here, the Slavs…
  • Fashion – Witches on film, details related to witch fashion, debates on the subject, why they are more acceptable today and in what form than previous times… Music and witchcraft.
  • View – Various shamanic and pagan traditions, with a specific overview
  • Beside us – Witchcraft today. News. Changes. For example, the recognition of Wicca in the USA, the recognition of the Druid religion in England, and the like.
  • Portrait – The story of a person who has done a lot in these areas.
  • Practice – Working with candles. With the Tarot. How to clean the aura and the like, how to recognize and protect yourself from negative influence in general and of course black magic… medicinal herbs, meaning and application… and the like.
  • Experiences – Personal experiences. Domestic and foreign.
  • Recommendation – Magazine recommendation for a book, music or movie. In principle, if you haven’t read, heard or seen it, we suggest or recommend it.
  • Review – Book, music and movie reviews. The latest.
  • Showcase – Creative corner. Advertisements, with the text having to include complete information (if the contact is e-mail or phone).
  • News – Short news and interesting facts from the occult/pagan/Wiccan world.
  • Felton – From some not too long book, publish one part in each issue.
  • Story – Esoteric story.
  • Mysteries – In this section you can find descriptions of mysteries, but also stories about interesting people and events.
  • Mythologies – About different mythologies, especially the lesser known ones
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